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Kerrygold Aged Cheddar with Irish Whiskey Spread and Dubliner Crispy Cheese Crackers

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I love Kerrygold! A few weeks ago the nice people at Kerrygold offered to send me a package stuffed full of grass-fed cheeses and butters in exchange for two blog posts that featured their products*. As I said before, I love Kerrygold, so I was more than happy to participate! For November they wanted me […]

Cake Decorating and the Dentist

Thu, Jul 26, 2007


In my gallery I have added a section called cake decorating and that gallery has all the projects from my class this summer.  So far I am liking the class and our teacher, and I hope to get a lot out of it.  We have done a cute rainbow cake, that I gave to my […]

Nearly a year ago …

Thu, Jun 28, 2007


Wow … time really goes by fast!!! It is about one year ago this month that I made the decision to go to culinary school, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  There is so much I still have to do but I am still so excited, one year later, […]

Over a month later …

Mon, May 21, 2007


To be honest with you, if you are even out there, I am not sure how many people really read this little blog of mine, so I have been bad about not posting.  On the other side of that coin, how an I going to find more readers of my mundane little blog if I […]

Nearing the end of yet another semester …

Wed, Apr 18, 2007


Well, the semester is almost over and, aside from next week, I am getting ready for another round of practicals. Yay. I have no idea what we will be required to do, but I have made some not-too-subtle-hints that only one item to present would be super nice of our teacher, and much appreciated among […]

Midterm Practicals and Things that Make me go “F*CK OFF!!!”

Thu, Mar 22, 2007


Well, midterm practicals are over.  I did pretty well, I guess.  The kid in me loves the fact that it is over and I did ok, the perfectionist in me hates that I lost 5 points for salt.  SALT!!  Anyway, salt aside, it was good, and 145 out of 150 is noting to sneeze at.  […]

Bread, bread and more bread …

Wed, Mar 7, 2007


It is hard to write unique and witty commentary about school this semester because each week it is pretty much the same thing.  Night 1 – Mix pre-ferments, make quick bread, prepare ingredients for next night final dough, clean up and go home. Night 2 – Mix final dough, ferment, mix and bake quick bread, […]

Getting Things Done!!

Wed, Feb 7, 2007


Well!!  I will start with my good news to share this week this week! We got all the bread from Monday and Tuesday baked this week!!!   We also got out closer to our end time as well, so all things considered things were good!  One of the people in my group has gone missing and […]

Slacking off, Starters and School Stories

Wed, Jan 31, 2007


Well, I said I would take pictures of the pizza I made, but I didn't.  To be honest with you, I was so ready to eat when it was done I did not even give the camera one thought.  It was very tasty (like the last time) and it looked lovely.  You will have to […]

More Pizza, Sourdough Starter Update, and Weekend Baking

Thu, Jan 25, 2007

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I will be making more pizza this weekend.  The first batch was so good, and my brother is coming over, I can't help myself.  I must make it again!  I think I will start the biga tonight, make the dough tomorrow night and stash it in the fridge for a good long ferment.  Slow ferment […]

Breads & Rolls – 1st full week

Wed, Jan 24, 2007


Lord am I tired.  Monday and Tuesday our class ran long by about 30 minutes.  This does not sound so bad until you consider class is from 7pm to 9:50pm and my drive home is 20 minutes.  I am a little exhausted. Night 1 –  We started with our 'sour' sponge for baguettes.  I say 'sour' because we […]

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